GDPR Compliance Upgrade

The complete SaaS solution for personal data governance

BMI SYSTEM presents ORYGA the unique and complete SaaS solution for personal data governance to fully implement and maintain ongoing compliance with the newly enacted General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

personal data governance to comply with the GDPR

GDPR ready solution

Designed to follow current GDPR, ORYGA allows streamlined integration with the latest technologies surrounding personal data (PD) management and will evolve with future changes to enacted regulation.

In addition to maintaining the mandated Record of processing activities, ORYGA supports:

  • the creation of documentation and audit trails required by the supervisory authorities
  • privacy impact assessments (PIA)
  • relevant monitoring indicators essential for companies to effectively ensure personal data governance.

ORYGA is a strong tool in partnership with IBM and Ageris Group.

Oryga's partners for GDPR compliance

GDPR Compliance

  • Dynamic process mapping.
  • Ensuring consistency between the purpose of the organization and its personal data governance.
  • Management, traceability and tracking of legal claims.
  • Defining security measures and notification management.
personal data processing under the GDPR
GDPR privacy impact assessment with ORYGA

PIA : Privacy Impact Assessment

  • Automatic triggering of warnings for high risk processing.
  • Assessments of privacy protection measures of threats and adverse events related to processing.
  • Risk mapping and action planning.

Audits, report and management

  • Management of internal and external compliance audits.
  • Dynamic reporting based on alerts and specific indicators:

numbers of processing, processor transfers outside of the European Union, number of claims or complaints, processing time, PIA frequency.

countries where personal data are transferred

1. Designate a pilot project

Our GDPR specialized partners offer qualifying trainings for your pilot project as well as personalized support.

2. processing mapping

ORYGA processing forms will guide you to complete the required fields. Some are pre-filled according to the purpose – the collected data or regulatory requirements – to save time and increase efficiency.


3. proritize action plan

Each identified process completed within ORYGA is ready to be analyzed to validate GDPR compliance. You identify the gaps and prioritize corrective actions when needed.

4. manage the risks

ORYGA edits warning messages when the impact of a processing on privacy must be assessed. The privacy impact assessment (PIA) is conducted according to the EBIOS methodology (recommended by the CNIL) and a relevant action plan is proposed.

5. organize

ORYGA allows you to manage and track the subjects’ complaints and claims as well as security breach notifications. By including Privacy by Design in the processing management you minimize risks from the beginning.

6. document

ORYGA compiles all the requested records, the documentation on the processing files, the information exchanged with the concerned subjects, and the agreements with the different actors enabling you to demonstrate full compliance with the GDPR.

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